Monday, January 10, 2022

How to keep your team motivated and happy

It's no secret that we're in unusual times. So, finding ways to keep your team motivated, happy, healthy and connected is key. Studies show that when your employees are healthy (mentally and physically), productivity levels go up which means everyone benefits. 

With most people working remotely and others transitioning to a hybrid model, the work environment has changed drastically. That means new challenges and higher stress levels. For some people, the pandemic has resulted in spending more time at home, sitting down for longer periods and neglecting regular exercise routines. Experts warn that this change of behavior toward a more sedentary lifestyle can put our health at risk. In addition, some workers say they feel isolated, more lonely, anxious, depressed and even bored. Multiple studies show younger people, in particular, suffer because of social distancing measures. 

So, what can we do, to preserve our team's wellbeing during these uncertain times? First, make sure your employees stay connected and get lots of exercise. Living in San Diego, we are  fortunate in that we have near perfect weather year-round, which means outdoor activities such as hiking and biking are easy to do. Not to mention, it's FUN as there's so many places to explore. But having said, let's be honest. Will your team take the initiative and exercise on their own?

On an intellectual level, we all know exercise is good for us but DOING it, is a whole different story which is why you need someone to hold you accountable. And preferably, someone who can also make it FUN and engaging. As a Team building & Tour business, we have been leading walks featuring “Secret San Diego" spots since 2003 so this is our passion. For us, it is a true joy showing off areas we know people wouldn’t necessarily find on their own. 

In fact, this year we are offering "Get Fit Walking" Adventures - which is part of our Corporate Wellness initiative featuring unique neighborhoods. The walks are four to five miles and designed for all fitness levels. We will be running a variety of different walks every week - from beach hikes to historical neighborhoods. The 60-minute walks are not only a great way to keep your team moving, it's a great way to connect them with like-minded co-workers who also want to stay in shape.


If you have been wanting to find a safe way to keep your team healthy, motivated, and connected, give us a call and we'll provide you with a list of “Get Fit Walking” Adventure dates. You can reach us at 619-917-6037 or 

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Walking with Us

·        *  Hidden Gems will be featured. You will then have new areas to walk!

·         * Accountability - Being part of Get Fit Walking will ensure you get your steps in.

·        *  Our walks are designed for all fitness levels. They average 3.5 to 4 miles with no steep hills.

·         * Connections and camaraderie will happen as you meet like-minded people who want to stay in shape.

·        * Added value: Some of the walks will feature Nutrition & Immunity Experts  

      *Added value: Some of the walks will end at outdoor restaurants/cafes.   

      Stay safe & Happy Travels!

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Monday, June 14, 2021

Electric Bike Tours San Diego

Now that summer is in full swing in San Diego, it's a perfect time to get outside and explore the sights on one of our fun ELECTRIC BIKE TOURS! 

It's no secret that San Diego is super scenic but if you want to experience some of our more amazing views, there's no way around it. You'll have to head up some hills and if you're on a bike, Electric is the way to go. Not only are they super easy to operate, it's extremely enjoyable and instead of dreading and avoiding those big hills, you'll be taking them on... one by one, with a big smile on your face.  

Prior to launching our Electric Bike Tours, I must admit that I wasn't totally sold. As Marc knows, I'm a creature of habit plus I love my reliable and trusty Trekster, so why change anything? But the truth is, I would often avoid hills so without realizing it, I was missing out on some amazing views.  My other beef?  I like moving my legs as I like to get a workout. I had the impression that with these Electric bikes, I would never move my legs because the motor was doing all the work.  

It wasn't until I hopped on one, that I realized I was wrong! With the Pedal Assist feature, you're always moving your legs. The Pedal Assist simply helps you but you still need to move your legs. In fact, the only time I didn't move my legs is if a hill was truly too big for me and I needed some major help. In that case, I would simply turn on the throttle feature.  Because I like to get a workout, I didn't use the throttle version that much but it was nice knowing that it was there, if I ever needed it! 

In celebration of California reopening, we are now offering Public "Discover Secret La Jolla Electric Bike tours." Check out our website for dates but we still have room on June 17 & June 19! 

Click here for more details on our Electric Bike tours and other public adventures. 

Look forward to seeing you soon!  Happy Travels!!

In addition to being Travel writers, Marc and Darlynne run two Team Building companies, headquartered in San Diego. Where You Want To Be specializes in memorable CURATED EXPERIENCES. Out of the Ordinary creates high energy Team Building GAMES. 

Monday, January 25, 2021

Virtual Team Building Events

2021. If you're like us, you're probably scratching your head and asking "Whoa, how did THAT happen?"  

While there's no question that COVID has turned our world upside down, it also gave many of us the opportunity to Pause, Reset and Reinvent. That certainly was the case for us. When COVID first hit, we had to quickly pivot and transition many of our "in person" Team building programs (such as our popular Scavenger Hunts and Game shows) to "Virtual" offerings. And along the way, we got to develop some new Team building programs like our Creative Icebreakers. So FUN!  

But here's what was especially cool - and totally unexpected. Prior to starting our Team building and Tour business back in 2003, Darlynne was in the Television News industry for more than 21 years. During that time, she was an Anchor/Reporter, Writer and Producer, so she's very comfortable with anything that's video related. Who would have known that years later, those Television skills would play a major role in this new Virtual world? Thanks to Darlynne's TV background, we were able to create some very unique and ORIGINAL Livestream programming, which has been super exciting for us!   

As a Team building company, we are passionate about Health and Wellness in the workplace. And when we combined that passion with Darlynne's TV and Storytelling skills, our Development Team was able to create a whole array of amazing, interactive programming.  

Over the last several months, we've produced a number of Livestream shows for the corporate world, all ranging in topics from Employee Wellness, Healthy Nutrition Habits and Smart Money tips. But our favorite show topic has allowed us to "lean in" to our "Tour Guide" roots.  

It's called Best of San Diego  and it's all about showcasing secret San Diego spots - something very close to our heart.    

In a time when we're all working remotely and staying closer to home, it's easy to feel disconnected. Which is why these Livestream Programs have been amazing because it helps Employers EMPOWER their team, whether it's teaching them how to manage their money, eat healthy OR get outside and explore cool San Diego spots that are off-the-beaten path! 

If you'd like to learn more about our new Livestream ORIGINAL Programming, let's connect! In the  meantime, enjoy these videos: Livestream Topic Shows. 

Stay safe & Happy Travels!

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Monday, October 26, 2020

Office Holiday Party Ideas

They're back! Yep, the holidays are almost here. And with them, comes the annual "What in the world can I schedule to celebrate the season with colleagues or friends, during a pandemic?" 

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. This is the time of year that's typically filled with lots of socializing, office parties and get togethers. For many companies, the holidays are usually when employees participate in meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility programs like our Bike Build  or Charity Give Back Bus Tour/Experience. 

While COVID 19 may have changed the way events are executed, it hasn't taken away our need for social interaction. If anything, we need these positive team experiences more than ever. The good news? We've got lots of answers to all your holiday planning questions! All time tested VIRTUAL and  IN PERSON activities that make the same old holiday party pale in comparison. 

So what are you going to do? Another boring office get together or a MEMORABLE experience? 

Our lineup of Virtual & In-Person Holiday Experiences includes:  

*Holiday Themed Scavenger Hunt: Exactly what you've been looking for

*Jeopardy: The Holiday Edition... Alex Trebek would really be impressed 

*Famous Family Face Off... Let the holiday feuding begin

*Holiday Cooking Showdown... Gordon Ramsay eat your heart out 

*Livestream Best of San Diego Show... Discover the Hidden Gems!

*Smartphone Video Challenge…become a video sharpshooter using our iMovie filmmaking tips 


Contact us as soon as possible to know our entire lineup of Holiday Experiences and book your favorite before it’s sold out.  And oh yes, Happy and Safe Holidays from all of us!

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Looking for fun, competitive Team Building GAMES?

Visit our sister company, Out of the Ordinary 

Friday, August 14, 2020

Rewarding Remote Employees

Finding unique and meaningful ways to thank your employees is SO important. Especially now, given what's happening in the world and the fact that majority of U.S. employees are working remotely. According to a Gallup poll, remote workers are more likely to feel lonely and isolated as compared to  colleagues who work at the office. Because of this simple factor, it's crucial that employers recognize and acknowledge team members for their hard work, on a regular and consistent basis. 

While some companies can offer things like luxurious hotel stays or golf excursions, not everyone has deep pockets.  The good news? There are plenty of ways you can show your team you care, without breaking the bank. Here's one idea - give them an EXPERIENCE of a lifetime.  For example, find out what their favorite restaurant is and treat the employee and their spouse. But here's the thing, don't treat them to just any old restaurant. Do your research. Pick a 5-star restaurant you know they love but either can't afford OR don't have time to find a babysitter. In that case, go the extra mile and hire a babysitter for the night! 

Doing something that's totally "Out of the Ordinary" is another way to go. Maybe treat them to a Hot Air Balloon ride, or how about a Zip line Adventure on Catalina Island? (We still remember doing this for a client!) One of our popular offerings is our Dream Day Experiences.   These are custom experiences that are typically designed around a person's preferences. Are you an animal lover? Maybe our De-stress with Dogs/Cats is your thing. Or perhaps you enjoy seeing incredible views? Our Best Views in San Diego is a custom tour showcasing one-of-a-kind views from cool roof top lounges to historical monuments. 

Does your employee enjoy fun adventures that he can share with his family & friends? How about one of our Urban Challenge Scavenger Hunts? And yes, it's Covid safe!

The bottom line: think outside the box and don't be afraid to do more than the typical corporate gift card or cash. If you have an employee OR employees you'd like to reward and need ideas, give us a call. Creating unique memorable adventures is something we absolutely ENJOY doing!  Email us at OR call 619-917-6037 to schedule an adventure. 

Happy Travels & See you soon!

Marc & Darlynne
Where You Want To Be

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Darlynne & Marc Menkin run Where You Want To Be & Out of the Ordinary, two San Diego based companies that create fun Team building Adventures & unique tours to secret spots. They're also Travel Writers and enjoy writing about cool West Coast destinations such as California and Hawaii. Be sure to check out some of their Travel Video segments on their YouTube Channel, WhereYouWantToBeTV.      

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Safe Outdoor Activities During Covid

Ever since COVID-19 came about, it seems like all we hear is what we CAN'T do. NO indoor dining. NO large public gatherings. NO fans at sporting events. The list goes on and on.  It makes us wonder: Is there anything we CAN do?  Actually, there's PLENTY we can do!  The key thing to remember: Keep it outdoors!

Because we live in San Diego where the weather is typically beautiful year round, finding fun things to do OUTSIDE is not a problem. And now that it's summer, the temps are super nice and the days are longer so it's an ideal time to be outdoors.

Besides the "fun factor," there's also plenty of health benefits to being outside. Studies show that exposure to sunlight and breathing in the fresh air often leads to better concentration levels, happier moods, and an increase in physical stamina and fitness levels.. just to name a few.

If you're tired of being cooped up, our advice is to get OUTDOORS and enjoy Mother Nature!  Here's a list of fun & safe OUTDOOR activities you CAN DO during Covid-19:

*Go for a Walk:  Our new division, Where You Want To Be Fit Club, is now offering one-hour small group Wellness Walks.  This easy going hike is a perfect way to discover cool San Diego spots while practicing physical  distancing & safety guideline rules. Sign ups will be limited, in an effort to keep everyone safe. Click HERE for dates & registration.  Don't miss out on the FUN!

*Secret Spots Super Challenge:  Gather everyone in your Social Bubble and sign up for our ridiculously FUN Urban Challenge Scavenger Hunt! Teams will be given a series of fun tasks that will take them all over Balboa Park.  Physical distancing & safety guideline rules will be followed. Sign ups will be limited in an effort to keep everyone safe. Click HERE for dates & registration. Don't wait to register!

*PRIVATE Experiences: Prefer doing a fun outing with people ONLY in your SOCIAL BUBBLE?  No problem! We do offer PRIVATE SMALL GROUP EXPERIENCES. Email us at OR call 619-917-6037 to schedule a PRIVATE GROUP ACTIVITY.

Happy Travels & See you soon!

Marc & Darlynne
Where You Want To Be

Darlynne & Marc Menkin run Where You Want To Be & Out of the Ordinary, two San Diego based companies that create fun Team building Adventures & unique tours to secret spots. They're also Travel Writers and enjoy writing about cool West Coast destinations such as California and Hawaii. Be sure to check out some of their Travel Video segments on their YouTube Channel, WhereYouWantToBeTV. 

Monday, June 29, 2020

Healthy tips for Employees

There's no question that the world is in unique times. New developments are happening every day and with the current lock down, physical distancing rules and more people working from home, it's no wonder stress levels are at an all time high. 

But studies show that if you want to help your employees lead a healthier lifestyle, there are some easy things you should encourage them to do.  First, get them outdoors. Going for a 10-minute walk around the neighborhood is much better than eating lunch at your desk. Research shows that fresh air and exercise releases chemicals called endorphins, which produces positive feelings in the body. As a result, productivity levels typically go up.

Now that the warm weather is here, it's also a perfect time to be outdoors. Instead of doing the usual Zoom Meeting call, why not set up an Walking Meeting for your staff?  You can still wear masks and practice physical distancing but you'll be outside enjoying the summer time weather, as opposed to being cooped up indoors.  Some of our more popular Team building programs include our Outdoor Meetings and Wellness Walks.   We have noticed that companies who take advantage of these kinds of programs, often have happier employees and less conflict at the workplace.

The good news is that all of this is easy and it doesn't cost much. All it requires is an attentive boss (that's you!) who's "in tune" with the staff.  Want more tips on how to keep your team happy and healthy?  Check out our latest episode of "Live Your Dream."   Click HERE. 

In addition to being Travel writers, Marc and Darlynne run two Team Building companies, headquartered in San Diego. Where You Want To Be specializes in memorable Team Building EXPERIENCES. Out of the Ordinary creates high energy Team Building GAMES.