Thursday, March 20, 2014

In the mood for some good Asian Pacific Islander Food?

Whenever someone asks us what we love the most about living in San Diego, we always have to pause and think about it.  And no, it's not because we can't think of anything positive.  It's actually the opposite - there are so many things we love about America's Finest City!   From our weather to gorgeous beaches and year-round outdoor activities, it's hard to beat.

But one thing we absolutely do appreciate is the wide variety of ethnic food San Diego offers - especially when it comes to Asian and Pacific Islander dishes.  As an API, I'm always up for checking out the latest Japanese restaurant or Hawaiian Plate lunch cafe. Both my parents are from Hawaii so yes, I grew up eating "sticky white rice" with practically every meal.  As an adult, I've continued that tradition and I'm proud to say that even my husband has picked up the habit. That boy sure does love his rice with soy sauce.

I recently had the pleasure of emceeing the Asian Pacific American Coalition's Gala Awards Dinner and it was such an honor to be surrounded by fellow API business entrepreneurs. Not only did they have great business advice, they also shared some of their favorite Asian & Pacific Islander restaurants. So what are some of my favorite hangouts?  Well, for starters... you can't go wrong if you head to Kearny Mesa. Just on Convoy Street alone, there's more than a dozen simple but tasty and affordable Asian restaurants. Back in my TV News reporting days, I would always look for opportunities to sneak away for dinner to one of these "no frills" spots. Over the years, I worked at three TV stations in Kearny Mesa (Channel 8, 5 & 6) and they were all within striking distance of some fantastic Asian & Pacific Islander restaurants!  Pho Convoy Noodle House was a popular place as well as Tajima Ramen House and Jasmine Seafood Restaurant.

If I'm craving a Hawaiian Plate lunch, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue on Sports Arena Boulevard is the closest restaurant to our beach house. It's not a fancy place but the food is flavorful and it's not expensive.  We love the BBQ Chicken and Spam Musubi. Yum.

Of course, my favorite spot is the 99 Ranch Market on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard.  That place has everything - from killer lunch time specials to unique jewelry, knick knacks and beautiful Asian Kitchen ware.  Whatever you want, they have it.   Wow, all this talk of food has made us hungry.  Bon Appetit!  

Happy Travels everyone!
Marc & Darlynne Menkin
Where You Want To Be Tours, Inc.

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