Monday, April 22, 2013

Looking for a FUN Date Night? Try our NEW Couples Scavenger Hunt!

People always ask us what we love the most about our jobs. That's a tough question because there's so many things we absolutely adore about our company.  It's fun, creative and yes, we get to do it together!  But one thing we really like is our freedom to create and execute some really cool adventures.

Take for instance our latest creation with relationship expert Scott Milnes.  The idea of creating our  "Relationship Building Urban Challenge/Scavenger Hunt" came to us after our sales team noticed a flux of calls coming in - all from bridal parties requesting  "Marriage themed Scavenger Hunts."  At first, we didn't think much about it but later a light bulb went off and we realized "hey, there's something to this!" 

Then one day, we were talking to Scott about his relationship coaching business and how he enjoys helping couples, when the idea struck about teaming up and creating a fun "Couples Scavenger Hunt."  For ten years, we've been creating these fabulous Urban Challenge Scavenger Hunt competitions as a corporate team building event. Over and over, we saw how it did wonders for promoting positive employee relationships. Why wouldn't it work for couples, whether they're married, engaged or in a serious relationship?    So, starting next month, we'll be offering our new Relationship Building Urban Challenge/Scavenger Hunt!  

Just like our private and public Scavenger Hunts, this new version will also be a ton of FUN but there's a twist. The tasks are designed specifically for couples!  When the hunt is over, we'll do our usual fun Awards Ceremony (complete with prizes) but participating couples will also receive a bonus take away - thanks to relationship coach Scott Milnes who will do a fun wrap up and offer some interesting insight on marriage.

If you've been searching for a fun date night, we'd love for you to join us!  We're currently offering three dates - all in very cool locations - and all are expected to fill up quickly. 

The dates are:

Saturday, May 18th    4:15pm - 7:15pm    (Balboa Park)
Saturday, June 22nd   4:15pm - 7:15pm    (La Jolla)
Saturday, July 13th     4:15pm - 7:15pm    (Encinitas)

As anyone will tell you, we're always excited whenever we get to do a Scavenger Hunt. But we're especially looking forward to this one because it's all about couples and celebrating relationships. On a personal note, this October will mark our 23rd wedding anniversary. Over the years, we've learned a lot of lessons about marriage but for us, we find that laughter and having FUN is a key ingredient to having a great relationship.

We hope you'll join us for a day of fun and ADVENTURE! And if you have any "couple" friends, bring them too.

For more information, check out this link:  Couples Scavenger Hunt

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Happy travels everyone,

Marc & Darlynne Menkin
Where You Want To Be Tours, Inc.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Incorporating the Great Outdoors into your next meeting!

It's part of a growing trend we've noticed over the last year.  Instead of holding business meetings inside,  more companies are ditching conference rooms and heading outdoors. Some companies even take it one step further and look for ways to incorporate "movement" into their meetings.  The other day we were at a hotel, getting ready to meet with one of our clients when someone at the next table mentioned how their sales team conducts their once a month business meeting while taking a hike along the beach. As funny as that may sound, studies show that active employees who spend time outdoors are happier and more productive than those who sit inside all day.

As a tour company who promotes the great outdoors, we love this trend!  And now that the warmer months are here, why not incorporate a relaxing beach walk (or easy bike ride) into your next board meeting?  We do this with our own staff and find that some of our best ideas often come when we're outside, enjoying San Diego's awesome weather.

We've also created fun activities for groups who wanted to incorporate some type of exercise into their meeting. Keep in mind the activity doesn't have to be physically demanding. It can be a casual hike in the canyons or a super easy bike ride with regular stops every few minutes so employees can take notes if need be. The idea is to get employees out of the office and outside where they can enjoy our fantastic weather. 
If you can make that happen, you'll increase your team's productivity and probably put a smile on their faces!

Want more information on how you can incorporte movement into your next meeting?  Check out our website by clicking here.  You may also email us at

Happy Travels everyone!
Marc & Darlynne Menkin
Where You Want To Be Tours, Inc.