Thursday, May 18, 2017

By Darlynne Reyes Menkin

It's a fact that all our friends know.  If you're going to hang with us, wear sneakers and be ready to walk!  While it's true we both love to walk, Marc is the one who really enjoys wandering around and getting lost in his thoughts. As a matter of fact, that's probably when he gets most of his creative ideas for our team building adventures. I'm pretty sure he came up with the entire route for our revised Gaslamp Scavenger Hunt during a walk along Windansea and a favorite secret beach in La Jolla!  For him, a walk along the beach is pure heaven and it always unlocks his mind and creative spirit.  So, it only seemed natural that when our good friend Lee Ann Kim told us how she likes to take silent walks with her staff, Marc was totally on board.  

Apparently, there's a whole new movement of people who enjoy doing these "silent walks." The concept is pretty simple -  you go on a walk with a group of people but you don't all. You just walk in silence - allowing your mind and body to relax and unwind.  In Lee Ann's case, they even take off their shoes so they can connect to Mother Nature.   Studies show that walking barefoot, also known as "earthing" has a number of health benefits such as reducing inflammation and improving sleep.  Who knew?

Of course, if you're like some people, you may be wondering -  "why not just walk alone if you want silence?"   Well, you could do that but walking by yourself is a totally different experience than walking with a group.
We are doing a Fitness Walk Adventure on several upcoming Saturdays & Mondays. We are requesting that all attendees be over 15. 
Rsvp today – The walks do have a limited capacity of 20 people.
Thursday May 25   530 PM – 7 PM
Tuesday May 29    530 PM – 7 PM
Saturday June 3   11 AM – 230 PM
Monday June 5   330 PM – 6 PM
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   Taking in the sights & sounds at secret beach in San Diego
Walking in silence in a group provides solitude but there's a connection between the group members even though they're not talking.  Although I've never really thought about it, I do take in more when I'm on a walk and not talking.  I'm more likely to notice how wonderful the sun feels or how peaceful the waves sound as they crash along the rocks.  The next time you're feeling a little stressed, get a bunch of friends together and go on a "silent walk."   

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